Welcome to Malaika Disability Foundation

Malaika Disability Foundation was founded in 2013 under the name Malaika Trust, then later changed to Malaika Disability Foundation.

Our Mission has been to transform lives of Persons Living with Disabilities in Kenya.

For the past 10 years we have paid tribute to persons with disabilities, awarding 10 winners each year. Through grant consultancy, we have constructed 1 children’s home in Eldoret (Jawabu Children’s home) and a hospital ward in CURE HOSPITAL-KIJABE.

We have transform lives of more than 2,000 children directly, and more than 250 indirectly through correctable surgeries and students’ studies support system across the nation each year.

At the policy level, we are working closely with National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD) and with the Kenyan government in the amendment of the disability act.

In total we have impacted more than 20,000 lives indirectly and more that 3,000 directly in the past 10 years.

Disability Foundation is on a Mission to transform lives of persons living with disabilities in Kenya. We do this through 3 Pillars:

Malaika Disability Foundation highlights the plight of PWDS in Kenya through our own major events like MALAIKA TRIBUTE AWARDS and MALAIKA DISABILITY WALK.

Each year we impact lives of more than 250 children directly and 2,000 indirectly through corrective surgeries for physical conditions or disabilities.

We are on a journey to buy land and build a Vocational Education Centre for persons with disabilities, that will help with the transition from our children's homes to TVET institutions where they will acquire skills to sustain them in future.

Malaika Disability Walk

Malaika Disability Walk is not just a stroll; it's a powerful stride towards a brighter future. With the rallying cry of ``Let's walk so that they can run,`` this annual event in Kenya is more than just a charity walk—it's a mission to transform lives.

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